All About Lovingbet Bonus

About Lovingbet Bonus

For promotional purposes and to attract more and more new users, the LovingBet online gambling platform offers different types of bonuses to its members. Bonuses are a very good way to grab the attention of new bettors and keep the old ones still interested in your platform.

LovingBet Bonus

different bonuses from Lovingbet

Lovingbet offers exceptional promotions, such as a 100% bonus on the first deposit made in the Lovingbet online gambling profile. Another feature that sets Lovingbet apart from other sports wagering platforms in Nigeria is that it allows clients to withdraw up to 5% of their lost money from any unsuccessful bets. LovingBet also offers that if a user will play in one of their shops they will be able to receive special gifts.

Friend Referral Bonus

LovingBet features a subsidiary scheme in which clients are rewarded for bringing in new customers who wager on the site. The LovingBet Affiliate Profit Sharing Program allows consumers to increase their income by inviting and referring other customers to play on the company’s betting website. Affiliates can earn up to 45 percent of the losses of their suggested customers’ wagers.

Newbie Bonus

When you join the website as a gambler and deposit your money for the very first time, you get a bonus from the website. Not only this, but the first-time deposit may also qualify you to receive promo bonuses.

There is a lack of information on the LovingBet website though. You will not have any information regarding the newbie bonus until after you have registered yourself as a verified member of the platform by creating an account and verifying yourself and depositing a sum of money into your account to be used for betting.

There is a promotions section that can be accessed by clicking the promotions tab on the website. That section does not have much information regarding the bonuses but it does have a compelling statement directing users to register promptly and receive a bonus on their deposit. 

Special Offers

Apart from LovingBet Bonuses, the online gambling platform also provides different special offers to its members. 

The pre-match offers are a very helpful feature found in the sports betting section of the website. It is a provision of further information on the bet slip about the different types of bets. There are definitions provided about the terms used in the gambling industry. This is a very helpful feature for newbie gamblers who do not have much information about gambling but want to learn. Also, the creation of ease through this feature is an attractive factor for gamblers. 

The live-offers are another distinctive feature of the online gambling platform. There is an In-play tab on the top menu of the website. This suggests that the platform provides live in-play betting during a game. This is yet another identifiable feature that is very useful for gamblers. 

Along with these offers, the main thing is the diversity of the games that LovingBet allows gambling in. The books contain twelve different sports including the three main ice hockey, soccer, and basketball and each one of the twelve sports have their separate leagues and submarkets. These are all bonus factors of using the LovingBet website.